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About Us

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This website was conceived and created by Indian Hill Media Inc. as a news and information site for your community. Indian Hill Media aggregates the news in a community-specific manner presenting local news and information from local, national and international sources.We put it all together into one convenient app, Riverside.Today.
At Indian Hill Media, we define local news as anything written about your community or quoted from its citizens in the press and on the web. We put your local newspapers front and center at SanBernardino.Today but we also listen to the world as it views and hears your city.  Every day we feature articles from your respected local press, but we also present the San Bernardino view as written in the NY Times, WSJ, the Huffington Post and other web publications as they quote your educators, politicians, and citizens.
The app that we've created to perform this task behind the scenes has been updated and rewritten many times and is refined on an ongoing basis. From our great local newspapers to the national press and from international sources likely and most unlikely, Riverside.Today retrieves, sorts, and presents the news about the city and people of Riverside. 
Indian Hill Media Inc., the parent company of Riverside.Today is an entertainment focused company that owns and operates Hollywood - based Mixers Post Sound Services, a television production company and a portfolio of web domains, InlandEmpire.IO, a domain hosting company, and Smiling Dog Designs - a website development company that creates all of Indian Hill Media's sites.