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Indian Hill Media is opening a banner display advertising program.  Block and skyscraper ads are available at great introductory rates!  
Ads place at this time will be displayed cross-network.  All sites will receive your ad! 
Masthead Banner ads: 600X250: 250$ per month.
Front Page Banner Rotating - 600px X 250 - $125 per mo - only four rotations will be sold per position.
Front Page Blocks Rotating -  300px X 250 - 85$ per mo - only four rotations will be sold per position. 
Section ads in Sports, Local News, and Obits are also available.  Please Call fro more info.
Be one of the first and we will reserve your position for you for as long as you wish.
Indian Hill Media site metrics:
Indian Hill's Inland Empire sites see more than 15,000+  unique visitors per month.  This visits led to 39,000+ actions which mean that our readers visited and read the articles posted on our sites 39,000 times.  Our readership has climbed 125% in 2016 and we expect it to double again in 2017.
Our August usage metrics as certified by Google and Piwik are:
August 2016:
20300  Users
32000 Page Views
August Metrics -  Indian Hill Media's Inland Empire Properties
Users as reported by Google Analytics and Piwik:
Page Views: 30,000
As reported by Piwik
All Websites dashboard (Total: 20,705 visits, 32,016 pageviews, 39,179 actions.  (Actions are clicking on links - using the website.  Most Important!) 
But the real test is what it can do for your business.  Email or call 323.799.4707.  
Indian Hill Media Inc, launched a network of news sites across Los Angeles and San Bernardino that began with in 1998. In the last 24 months, we have added more local sites and will cross-promote your business with its sister publications including
Noho.Today (North Hollywood)
SanMo.News (Santa Monica)
No one covers the Inland Empire like we do.
ComingSoon: Claremont.Today, Fontana.Today and SanGabriel.Today
So take advantage of this great opportunity to grow with Indian Hill Media.